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  1. Laura Arjona (larjona)'s status on Friday, 11-Mar-2016 10:03:46 CET Laura Arjona Laura Arjona

    Tomorrow Saturday I will be speaking about in , an event in Barcelona about commons collaborative economies.

    It's a panel about decentralized technologies and different projects and proposals will be shown, and then Q&A.

    Here are the slides I prepared about


    Zip with sources:

    Thanks @Christopher Allan Webber and the @GNU MediaGoblin , @Alberto Moshpirit , @fsfe_news , @Sotitrox and @JanKusanagi for the images.

    Special thanks to @Evan Prodromou for and for forwarding the invitation to the event.

    During the weekend there are also lightning talks where I'll try to show also GNU MediaGoblin and GNU Social.